Talliston House & Gardens Guided Tour

As seen on Netflix, BBC One & Channel 4, this is your chance to visit this unique house & gardens with a guided journey through its thirteen extraordinary locations.



Behind an arched oak door set in a thicket hedge lies Talliston House & Gardens. This once ordinary house hides a magical labyrinth of rooms, each set in a different time and place. Twenty-five years in the making, the project has taken the most ordinary of English dwellings – a three-bedroomed, semi-detached, ex-council house in Essex – and painstakingly transformed it into a wonderland of inspirational locations where time truly has no power.
The finished house and gardens comprises thirteen stunning locations. Each room is infused with a rich story, incorporating almost 2,00 objects sourced from 27 countries around the world – and set in a labyrinth design where guests get to leave behind the outside world and walk between the walls of reality.



Tours run on the last weekends of the month with a full guided tour of the house and gardens by a member of the creative team, room by room, mapping out the labyrinth of the property and exploring each of the locations. The tour is followed by refreshments of tea, coffee and cake.  Ticket price £20.


There are also special tours at Hallowe’en in October and a Christmas candlelit tour including festive food and drink.

Talliston is an exploration of the concept of the extraordinary within the ordinary and will appeal to anyone who yearns an escape from the mundane modern world into a life made magical.